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Construction Law

Our attorneys have been actively involved in the construction industry for many years. At Johnson Reist PLLC, they represent general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, home and condominium owner associations, and individual home and property owners in a wide range of matters, such as construction and design defect lawsuits, construction breach of contract claims, negligence claims, personal injury claims and breach of warranty matters.

Industry Recognition

Our attorneys have been invited to speak at seminars and to individuals, trade associations, and local and national businesses regarding the laws and statutes that govern the construction industry and construction cases in Texas, including the following statutes:

  • Texas Residential Construction Liability Act
  • Texas Anti-Indemnity Act
  • Texas Uniform Condominium Act
  • Texas Prompt Payment Act
  • Texas lien statute

We have been actively involved in TEXO, The Construction Association, and the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA).

Have A Question About Filing A Difficult Lien?

Our lawyers have obtained over $2.4 million in collections for unpaid construction work and materials for various contractor clients through the filing of liens and pre-suit negotiations. In additional, they counsel our clients on protecting their businesses and properties from liability, through drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating project disputes and helping foster good business practices.

Need Further Resources?

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  • Texas Residential Construction Liability Act – What You Need to Know When Faced with a Residential Claim or Defect

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